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Jaggery Products
Jaggey has come from the sap of sugarcane and its flavor is described as an aromatic blend between brown sugar and molasses with sweet blender tones. It is processed without the use of chemicals it retains many vital vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. It has mineral content approximately 50 times greater than refined sugar and five times more than brown sugar.
Jaggery Block

It is also called as Gudh.
Chemical free jaggery contains only calcium carbonate and it is added for removing the impurities in the sugarcane syrup. The calcium carbonate has a greater medical impact on human body and it is good for human health.

Since the jaggery does not contain any chemicals it retains all the natural properties of the sugarcane syrup. This type of jaggery is preferred for cooking and has high medical impact, hence preferred for medicines.

Jaggery Cubes

Jaggery cubes are a form of jaggery. Pouring the concentrated sugar syrup into the die produces the jaggery cubes.
We produce Jaggery cubes without adding chemicals in sugar syrup making it in organic way hence it looks in dark brown color.

The jaggery cubes are rich source of iron, vitamins and minerals.
The jaggery cubes has a wide range of domestic and medical usage.

Jaggery Powder

Jaggery powder is the traditional Indian sweetener used for domestic purposes in the ancient years.
The jaggery powder has very less moisture content compared to normal jaggery that helps it to dissolve in a ease making it as a perfect substitute for normal sugar.

Jaggery powder has longer shell life retaining its properties compared to round and cubical jaggery because of less moisture content helping it to store for months.

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